K9 Rancho del Perro, A.C. a Mexican charity affiliated with Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc., a US non-profit

We know that many families are not able to pay for medical services and immunizations, so we at K9 are offering our Clinics to enable everyone to participate to help stop the problem. 

That said, it is important to realize that while we are offering the sterilization and immunization clinics at no cost to the dog owners, there is a cost for the materials, equipment, medication, and facilities, not to mention the manpower that is being provided to do the work. If you see the value in ensuring this program is successful in order to make our beloved La Paz a better and safer place for ourselves and our own pets, please jump onboard, and support us: be part of this positive culture change.

There is no way to express how important your donations are to us and just how far a small amount will go towards furthering our work. Remember that individually we are like drops of water but together we can create an ocean. 

Our 4-legged friends are grateful for all donations, big and small, but the very best way to help them is with an automatic monthly Paypal donation (which you can cancel at any time). Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem, select the option inside the PayPal application. Choose your currency – US dollars (USD), Mexican pesos (MXN), or Canadian dollars (CAD). If you have any problems making your donation and need technical assistance, please email the webmaster.

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Thank you for your help and support – a little bit goes such a long way and even a few pesos can help us help families to keep their dogs healthy and safe!