Welcome to K9 Rancho del Perro  

K9 Rancho del Perro is a busy and happening place with many wonderful dogs and puppies in need of loving homes. There has been a great deal of activity at the Ranch recently and many of our guests have been leaving to go to their new homes. Check back often as our list of guests changes on a regular basis.

If this is your first visit to K9 Rancho del Perro’s site, please be sure to check out our About Us and Welcome pages to learn more about our organization and check back often to the the updates to our “guest list”!




Feature Item – Donation of Much Appreciated Treats for our Dogs!

TansyAndHerGoodies2016K9 and all our doggies would like to extend our heart felt thanks to Tansy “on the move” and her husband for bringing us a Van full of goodies. This is our 3rd visit from Tansy and she always comes with goodies we would other wise not get including sleeping mats, blankets, chew toys and even cones for our dogs with injuries.

We are always thrilled to see her and  and we would like to thank all of those who helped by donating to Tansy for her long trip down to La Paz. Thank you All.


K9 Residents:

In this section of the site we have posted the basic information and snapshots of our doggy guests currently staying with us at K9 Rancho del Perro, both puppies and adult dogs.  All of the dogs you see listed in the galleries on this page are available and ready for adoption.


If you find that one of these sweet friends tugs on your heart strings, fill out “get more information” request form below with his/her name, your contact information/email address, and any specific questions you have to receive more information.

Be sure to check back often for updates as we have a number of other new arrivals that are currently going through the “check-in/check-up” processes and then their pictures and information will be added here too.

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