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Feature Item – Don’t miss the upcoming Poker Run Rally Fund Raiser – October 16th

What is a Poker Run?
A poker run is a rally where a group of motorcycles travel from destination to destination gathering a playing card in every stop.  On returning to the base players use their cards to build their best possible poker hand. The winning hand collects half of the funds raised, while the other half goes to support K9 Sterilization and Immunization programs!

Get involved in the fun and support this great cause!  …. Read more


Welcome to K9 Esterilización  

You may have noticed that we at k9 introduced the new logo a few months back in our newsletter and we just want to take a moment to let our supporters know why.

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-53-03-pmFirst, rest assured, we are not completely abandoning the original K9 Rancho del Perro logo, however the original logo and tagline were intended to promote the ranch and the services that were once provided there. Since we are not able to offer those services at this point, we felt that it was time for a new image that better reflects the work we are doing now should be adopted. We hope you agree that this new logo is attractive and that it clearly and simply identifies our new focus.

We will keep the old logo “in storage” for now and if ever the population of La Paz gives us the mandate to re-open the ranch (consistent monthly donations to support the work of at least $2000 USD per month) you will see the old logo re-surface. Until then, it will be kept on “ice”.

NOTE – our site is currently being revised. Some links may not work and be aware that page content is under revision. 




Ranch Residents:

While Comunidad Patitas now manages the local adoption of dogs at the ranch, we still have four wonderful dogs remaining from the K9 crew who are looking for loving homes. All of the dogs you see listed in the galleries on this page are available and ready for adoption.

If you find that one of these sweet friends tugs on your heart strings, fill out “get more information” request form below with his/her name, your contact information/email address, and any specific questions you have to receive more information.

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