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K9 Rancho del Perro is a busy and happening organization where we are working hard to promote the heath and happiness of the dogs and cats in our community. There has been a great deal of activity at the Ranch recently and many of our guests have left to go to their new forever homes and the focus of our work has shifted to have a greater emphasis on education, sterilization and immunization. 

If this is your first visit to K9 Rancho del Perro’s site, please be sure to check out our About Us and Welcome pages to learn more about our organization and check back often to the the updates on events and upcoming sterilization campaign locations.

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Feature Item – New Partnership with Local Organization – Comunidad Patitas!

For those who have been friends of K9 for a long time, you probably remember our “birth of fire”, but for our newer friends let me explain a little further.
Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.28.25 AMWhen we first came to La Paz and realized the need for a dog rescue to help deal with the large numbers of stray and abandoned dogs in the area, at first, the idea was to build a facility (the ranch) and to find a Mexican organization who would run the day to day affairs of the ranch and to take care of the needs of the dogs. We were not able to make it happen initially and ended up running the ranch ourselves for some time. Now, 2 years later, we are very pleased to announce that we finally have a Mexican A/C running the Ranch’s day-to-day operations! As of April 1, the Ranch is now operated by the folks from Comunidad Patitas, La Paz!

We still personally hold a multi-years lease on the land, so we will be renting the facilities to Comunidad Patitas.  We will continue to help with walking and socializing the dogs as well as partnering with them to provide medical care and sterilization programs (See  Spring Sterilization Campaign in  2016 Schedule under the News & Events tab above for more details”

We really believe that this is the best way to ensure that La Paz will have a operating “dog refuge” for years to come and we look forward to a long and positive relationship with Comunidad Patitas.


Ranch Residents:

While Comunidad Patitas now manages the local adoption of dogs at the ranch, we still have four wonderful dogs remaining from the K9 crew who are looking for loving homes. All of the dogs you see listed in the galleries on this page are available and ready for adoption.

If you find that one of these sweet friends tugs on your heart strings, fill out “get more information” request form below with his/her name, your contact information/email address, and any specific questions you have to receive more information.

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